LEŚNY CZAR- house at the foot of a mountain Grzybowiec and on the edge of forest and the Karkonosze Mountain National Park in the delightfully situated mountain town Michałowice of 650 n.p.m . You will find here  peace and you can rest with the fine view on ŚNIEŻNE KOTŁY (Snowy Pots). Michałowice it is a charming town with the beautiful Karkonoszy panorama on: ŚNIEŻNE KOTŁY( Snowy Pot), CZARNY KOCIOŁ(Black Pot) Jagniątkowski, Śmielec 1424 m, WIELKI  SZYSZAK (Large Touraco)1502 m, Szrenica 1362m,ŁABSKI SZCZYT( Łapski Peak )1427 m.  
We offer 12 accommodation places 2 and 4 person  rooms, bathrooms, a dinette and the kitchen with the full equipment (where it is possible to prepare meals independently),
dining room, living room with the fireplace and the TV.
We are inviting you to our green garden with grill and beautiful view.
 The house has the own parking lot.

The hotel day is beginning from hour 14: 00 and is finishing at hour 11: 00.
 In the building very much we ask for not-smoking cigarets.

PRICE per person per day - from 40 zl

We ask for payments connected with the booking to pay into an account :

PKO BP   50 1020 2124 0000 8402 0098 0391

Anna Wanke-Wojtuś
ul. Sudecka18,
58 - 573 Piechowice

Michałowice Protestant Michałs which fled before religious persecutions from the Czech Republic established. There was only a forester's lodge earlier in this place Schaffgotschów. Following first Michałs (reportedly three of them were) arrived to Michałowic next fugitives, not necessarily about such a name, and a picturesque village came into existence.
The first inhabitants Michałowic were into a pasturing, forest works, a weaving and a production of souvenirs. On the XIX and XX turn of the age Michałowice started becoming the summer resort. Today three Michałs' village is a district of Piechowice put behind forest and the hill. However it isn't contemporary idea, because it was so already in XVIII in. Michałowice they are a really beautiful place. Here old cottages survived,
harmoniously integrated into the landscape. Spaces and views on the main Karkonoszy back are making breathing difficult. He is quietly and idyllically. Touring Karkonoszy and surroundings is a great adventure here you can tour tens of locks and palaces with your fine architecture and history. Around Michałowic is constructing a lot of, for pedestrians and bicycle tourist trails, with which it is possible to reach to : of  SZKLARSKA  PORĘBA (2.5 h), of  WODOSPAD SZKLARKI (Szklarki Waterfall 40 min..) and KAMIEŃCZYK (Kamieńczyk Waterfall); to ŚNIEŻNE KOTŁY(Snowy Pots 2,5-3h), Schronisko pod Łapskim Szczytem(Hostel under Łapski with Peak 2.5 h), Schronisko Szrenica(Hostel Szrenica 3 h) Grzybowiec
(30 min..) and ZAMEK CHOJNIK(Chojnik castle 2 h). To Karpacz from Michałowic is only 17 km where you can see the beautiful ŚWIĄTYNIA WANG
(WANG TEMPLE),schroniska(hostels ) Samotnia i schroniska(hostels) -Akademickiego  and ŚNIEŻKA(Snows Peak).

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